How to Keep Creditors Away!

There are many things in this world that are annoying, but nothing can be as annoying as a creditor! Creditors tend to call at all times of the day, demanding money from you that you cannot pay for all sorts of debts including that recent loan you applied for. There are, fortunately, things that can be done to keep creditors from calling and harassing at all hours. If you are someone who is dealing with a rude, arrogant creditor, then keep reading to get some great ideas on how to keep them away!

Should you have a creditor contact you by phone, demand to have all information they have regarding your debt in writing. Be sure that this information includes everything such as your name, address, phone number, amount that is owed and any other fees, interest or penalties. Make sure the creditor gets this information in 5 days or less.

Look over the information that is sent to you. If you should find something that is wrong, make sure to call the creditor to dispute the information. Make sure the error is reported to the debt collection agencies and the credit bureaus. If the creditor states that you owe the amount and there is no error, make them prove that you owe the debt. Make them show proof the debt is owed.

Report any creditors that your home after 9:00 pm or before 8:00 am. Do not be afraid to stand up to your creditors in any way. You can follow with legal action against creditors who call before and after the times mention above. Not allow a creditor to use foul language or make threats against you.

If you really do a debt to a company, it is in your best interest to just pay the amount or set it up on a payment plan. Creditors do have the right sue you or garnish your wages or bank accounts. Be sure to stay current on the plan so you do not default. You may want to keep copies of the payments that were made so you know what is going on!

Should you feel that you are being unfairly harassed by a creditor, contact the Federal Trade Commission or the Attorney Generals Office. Remember that creditors are not the only ones that can sue. You have rights as well and if taken care of, you can help shut down unfair creditors and their business. Fighting for your rights is very easy to do. Help do your part and keep creditors away!